Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Toddler Environment. My Field Work Continues...

It's been awhile since I have written a post, yet I am here often. Yes, I frequently return to my blog as it truly is the diary of my Montessori life. Yet, unlike my private diary where I make almost daily entries including sketches and story outlines, my blog posts are often a collection of those daily tidbits woven into a scene and/or specific lesson overview. Therefore, one post may be the result of weeks, or even months, of work.

My current classroom has changed, again. I am no longer at Toad Hill Montessori School in Madison, Wisconsin. Too, I am currently not in a primary classroom. I am now the lead teacher of the toddler classroom at Sonnet Montessori School in Prior Lake, Minnesota. I am not a trained toddler guide. Yet, I have spent much time substitute teaching in toddler environments within the Boston area. I was also fortunate to attend the 2001 Paris International Montessori Congress, which is where I heard Dr. Silvana Montanaro speak. I still recall much of her speech. It whispers in my ear now and then when I am working with my young students and guides me along this new path in my Montessori career. Too, it calls upon me to bear witness to the work being done before me. Work that a  Montessori friend recently referred to as both spiritual and majestic.

I have much to write. I will reach back now and again to the work done by my students at Toad Hill and by the elders I worked with at the Bridge in Juneau, Alaska. Many new pages with soon be added to my Montessori diary.

*A note to my long time readers. The Moveable Alphabet is now available on Kindle via Amazon.