Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Brings Back All My Memories" - Music As Medicine

I came across such a beautiful scene at the Bridge today that I carry it with me still as I sit here alone, hours later, at my kitchen table in this city called Juneau. Sitting, as usual, in silence as this day draws to an end, I recall a woman's fingers moving rhythmically as she listened on headphones to the sound of herself playing an organ almost forty years earlier.

She was still for a moment and then her hand rose and moved gracefully through the air.

Here is a short video of the hand movements that she made in response to the music she was listening to. (If you lower the volume on your computer and listen to it without the background noise of another staff leading a group activity, you may appreciate it even more.)

I spoke with this 9O plus year old senior a few minutes after I taped the above. She said to me, "I use to play the organ in Sun City, West Arizona at the theater while people arrived and took their seats just before the movie started. You see, sitting here listening to myself play the organ on these tapes that I kept all these years while watching the scenery out that window brings back all my memories."

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