Friday, April 5, 2013

Mystery Bag - Objects / Sensorial Activities for the Elderly

A few posts ago I wrote that I was about to go on a hunt for a beautiful bag to use as a second mystery bag; this time for objects. I was also going to go on a hunt for the first set of objects to go in the bag. Always rotate or exchange objects in mystery bags and in various other work such as magnetic/non-magnetic. I just put several different magnets on the tray last week and took away a few. This keeps the materials interesting and draws their attention.

My treasure hunt began at the local Salvation Army. I found the bag and the basket there. The objects were found at the thrift, mostly in my home and at work. I put the tray together or basket and added it to the shelves. When the work did come off the shelf, it did so with the coin mystery bag. Seeing that they were similar reassured the senior that he would enjoy this work and that he was capable of doing this work.

I also re-demonstrated how to place a tissue onto the blindfold before putting it on so as to reduce the spread of eye infections.

He pulled one object from the bag, felt it with both hands and then named it.

He named them all correctly but one; the shell.

In the bag there is: a cotton ball, an eraser, a child sized silver fork and spoon, a child sized pair of scissors, a shell, a silver bracelet and ring and a length of ribbon.

Here is the link to the lesson outline for the mystery bag. Just adjust the age to all ages : )
Montessori Primary Guide - Mystery Bag Lesson.

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homeschoolsg said...

I love it! Thanks for giving me a new perspective of Montessori. I always thought it's for the young... Love what you're doing- so heart warming!