Thursday, October 9, 2014

"I heard the laughter. I saw the dancing." - Working with the Elderly

There are days that I wish I could hold out a butterfly net and catch within it the words of wisdom and insight spoken all around me at the Bridge. Instead, I scribble their words on post-it notes and stick them in my pockets until I return to my home in the evening where I unfold them and write what I have heard here.

Today I sat with a woman who will celebrate her hundredth birthday in less than five years. She leaned towards me and said the following:

"I thought I was having problems with my hearing and that I could not hear what was being said all around me. But I could hear all the words of the songs being sung today. You see it wasn't a physical thing. I just had to work on being a better listener. When I am helpful; being a better listener, I help myself. But we don't need to punish ourselves or blame ourselves for doing the wrong thing. We are not better than others, yet we still need not judge ourselves. I am always told I talk to much and I do. So I need to help others by not talking so much and that is helpful to me. 

Being a better listener, I discovered I have not lost my music. You see its a generational thing. My music is for dancing not singing. I dance in my mind and yes, I have been dancing. I heard the laughter. I saw the dancing."

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