Thursday, April 25, 2013

Collage Art with the Elderly - "I live in all these clams."

Today the art project was designed to celebrate Earth Day which was Monday. Magazines were handed out to the seniors along with a single piece of white, art paper by our local Alzheimer's educator. She invited the seniors to cut out images that celebrated something about life on earth. Everyone's came out great. Here are two of them below:

I noticed the work of one of the seniors who I have posted about before. She is from an island here in S.E. Alaska. She lived with her large extended family in a smoke house near the water. Her collage was composed of images of clams and of clamming.

What really caught my eye was what she wrote on the bottom of her paper,

"I live in all these clams."

After I read her words out loud, she looked up at me and said,

"Yes, I live in all these clams; my memories do. 
I really miss living that way. I want to go back home."


Jessica said...

So beautiful. Your blog makes me smile every time I visit!

Pops said...

Simply wonderful. thank you.