Friday, April 19, 2013

Chapbook of Poetry and Art by the Elderly at the Bridge

I am so excited! The first chapbook of poetry and art created at the Bridge has been printed! The seniors at the Bridge were surprised to see their names under their pieces, but their response was simply, "Can my family have copies?" "Yes," was the response from all the staff here. Not every senior that attends the Bridge has entries in the chapbook simply because some had no interest in participating in the those activities. In a person centered care facility, the senior elects what activities they chose to participate in.

The chapbook is such an amazing collection. I will share more this weekend, but today I simply want to celebrate its printing.  Yahoo!

Oh and yes, the cover art was done by one of the seniors...


Jessica said...

How exciting! :)

Teresa said...

That's awesome : ) Was it your idea?