Sunday, March 24, 2013

Practical Life with Elders - Botany

I have posted before about this particular senior and her leaf washing and do so again today as I learn more about this work every time I watch her do it. Too, she speaks to the plants when she cares for them and her spoken words reveal much. I recorded some of her conversation on a short video that I have included below.

Before she arrived at the Bridge, I placed the leaf washing tray on the red place mat that is used as a sort of placeholder. As soon as she arrived, I told her that I had much work that needed to be done and that I was hoping she would help me with it. "Just show me what you need done and I will do it. I love to help out. Love to," she answered. We walked to the back room together and I showed her the plants that needed her care.

I captured some of what she said in the following notes:

"Flowers and plants are important you know. They put oxygen in the air.

I am talking to the leaves cause they like being talked to. I am being very careful...ah, there is a baby beautiful.

They are alive like us. I'm making sure I put a lot of water on them. Let me do the top then the bottom...I did that one. I don't mind doing this and they are happy as all get up. The more water I put on the more they love it. 

There are a lot of new shoots in here. That's good. Lovely, lovely...right in the middle here there are new shoots because we are taking care of them. 

I know what I am doing cause I did it before. I feel each one with my hand and that way I can tell if I washed it or not. I am dripping all over with water but its worth it cause they's them saying thank you by peeking their heads up.  Nice and green...emerald green. I don't want to miss nobody. There ya go...I gotcha. What a little water can do. Thank you plant for letting me care for your body."

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