Friday, February 8, 2013

Nutmeg Grating II - Practical Life for the Elderly

I can't help it! I have to share these photos with all of you! The nutmeg work is such a perfect work for use by the elderly. So many of the seniors crave to use their hands for purposeful work again. A woman who has never used any of the Montessori materials previously eagerly engaged nutmeg work a couple of days ago. I simply invited her to help grate some nutmeg for me to use in making cookies next week and she was using the work moments later.

As with the senior I wrote about in my first post on nutmeg grating, I asked her to first carefully rub her fingertips across the grater so as to familiarize herself with it (this was of course after she brought the tray to the table and emptied the tray). She did this.

Then she took a nutmeg from the glass container that holds them and went to work.

After working on the nutmeg for about fifteen minutes, a couple of the other seniors asked where she was. I told them what she was doing and invited them to go and view her work. One at a time, they did.

The first "visitor/observer" told the woman grating that she was doing very good work and that she, herself, really enjoyed the smell of nutmeg.

She offered to hold the funnel in place as the working senior brushed the grated nutmeg into it. "Hold the funnel straight up," the grater instructed the "visitor."

The second "visitor/observer" came over after the first left. She commented that nutmeg was quite a hard nut and that the work must be taxing. She, too, aided in holding the funnel for the woman doing the grating.

The woman grating continued for about 10 more minutes after her "visitors" had moved on. She had grated a lot of nutmeg and pledged to do more soon.

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Teresa said...

Hi Susan,
It's really cool to see the seniors so engaged.

I just came across these:

They are adult dot-to-dot puzzles, and some of the comments said they were really enjoyed by senior citizens. I thought I'd pass them along. The page I linked to has free printable samples.

Best wishes!