Saturday, September 1, 2012

M is for Maria and for Montessori

I am still brewing over the whole BINGO / Montessori fingerboards/ map reading connections-mind warp, but I did go out to the Farmer's Market Festival and I am so glad I did. I ran into some Montessori parents from last year and we caught up on this and that. But just when I was leaving, I stopped at a food stall outside. I am sitting here typing with what I brought home from that stall only a few feet away from me.

The sign in front of a small basket sitting on a gingham checkered table cloth read, "Chicken of the Woods." I knew it wasn't chicken when I first glanced at it. I guessed it was some kind of huge mushroom and I was right. The dreadlocks laden gal in the paint splattered, Carhart overalls behind the table asked if I knew how to cook them. I leaned in to hear her tell me. When I did, a pottery bead strung on a leather strap, that I was wearing, swayed forward with me. The gal stopped fiddling with the 'shrooms and asked me where I got my beautiful necklace. I reached to pull it off and then asked if she wanted to trade - my Salvation Army necklace for some chicken of the woods. She immediately agreed. Too, she threw in several organic vegetables and some fresh picked sorrel.

She also told me that the "chicken of the forest" that she had just handed me had been picked the day before at night when the full, blue moon was shining bright over the snow capped peaks of Juneau. I was out walking last night, I missed my connection bus, and witnessed that very moon (photo taken on my cell).

Bartering is a common enough act here in Alaska. If you have this and need that and the person with that needs your this - well, smiles are passed and the deal is done. After our trade was made, she handed me a free bowl of her homemade sorrel soup that she had tossed into a handful of freshly baked croutons and wished me well.

I turned and headed towards the Salvation Army thinking I would look to see what their jewelry case had to offer. I didn't find any granola bling, but I did find something pretty darn amazing.

 I collect ink wells and pens. If you read my profile you already know that. Just when I was about to walk out the door, I spotted an ink well sitting on the cash register counter. It was the first I had seen since moving here and it had something unique engraved on its lid, something another of my ink wells has. I paid $10 for it which is a big spend for this gal. When I got home, I placed it near the others.

The letter M is engraved on the lid, and as you can see so is it on the other. Years ago, when my oldest sister saw the M on the copper ink well, she looked at me funny and said, "That's not your initial." I smiled and answered, "Your right. But, it is Maria Montessori's."

Above is the copper ink well with the silver inlay that is engraved with a M that I purchased a decade ago in Boston. Below is today's find - an ink well from Austria (stamped on the bottom) with the engraved M.

I have decide that I am going to Google search BINGO and see if I can scratch my itch. It's Saturday night. I have another pot of coffee brewing and my reading glasses on...


Susanne said...

It's such a treat to get to read your musings again. I wish you well in your new work!

Susan Y. Dyer said...

Thanks! It was so cool to met you at the AMI conference in Texas last Feb. Susanne! Cheers, Susan Dyer - The Moveable Alphabet