Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Memories

Easter will be celebrated on Sunday. I will be spending my day remembering all the Easter egg hunts at my grandparents farm in Dansville, NY and too all the Easter baskets my ex-husband Chris and I made and hid for our son Ian. As I thought about this soon to arrive holiday I remembered a story a fellow Montessori teacher told me. It is a lovely tale. Like many teachers, she had a butterfly cocoon kit that she had ordered from one site or another. The kit came with this cocoon station that resembled those hanging upside-down tomato plant containers, yet you could see through the mesh. It also came with a butterfly cocoon that she placed within the station with the stick it came attached to. It was in her class for several weeks. The children loved to stare at it in anticipation of the emerging butterfly. Unfortunately, it didn't emerge from its cocoon before Spring break. A small dish of sugar water was left inside the station before the classroom was closed up for a week in case the butterfly did emerge from its cocoon and sought some food. Unfortunately, whoever placed the water forgot to shut the small opening when they were finished doing so. When everyone returned to the classroom after break and after many of the students had engaged in religious, Easter celebrations, what was first on both the teacher's mind and the students' was the cocoon. Had there been a change? Yet when they all peered into the station there was nothing there but an empty, opened cocoon - it slightly resembled a white shroud. After a moment of silence and dropped jaws, one child finally spoke. His words were filled with Easter wisdom - "He has risen."