Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Geometry and Math

I drew a triangular tree on the top left side of the chalkboard and divided the image into triangles. Too, I assigned each triangle a number as I counted how many triangles there were in total.

Then I drew a second triangular tree and asked if any of my students wanted to repeat the work I had just completed with this singular image. I had a child volunteer instantly.

After she worked for almost thirty minutes, a second elder approached me and asked I they could also do the work. As there was room on the chalkboard, I agreed but drew a bowed gift box instead. She looked at it, got a ruler and went to work.

Here are a dozen or more photographs of their work. Note that the children wrote all but a few of the numbers written on the triangles. When the chalk broke a few times, I assisted. It was simply amazing watching them work.

(Note : The board was washed by a younger student just prior to my initial work. I am repainting the chalkboard over the holidays. )


Laura S. said...

Hi Susan,
Just wondering, I noticed you wrote "how many" in cursive. Are you using cursive sandpaper letters in your class? Would you care to blog about that?

Susan Y. Dyer said...

Yes, we use cursive sandpaper letters and the children write primarily in cursive. I am going to write a post about reading today - the article. But I will prioritize writing one about using cursive in the Montessori classroom next.

Susan Dyer