Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Handicrafts in the Classroom

I truly love watching children sew, weave or crochet/knit in the classroom. We haven't gotten to crocheting or knitting yet, but there has been much weaving and sewing.

We began weaving in the afternoon program the second week of school. My older students immediately fell into the over and under rhythm of the work.

One of my student's completed his weaving project and immediately made a belt out of it. His posture conveys his sense of satisfaction with his work:

Pillows have been hand printed and sewn:

And needlework has been made into purses:

Amazingly, the cursive handwriting of each of these children has dramatically improved since the beginning of the year, as has their attention to detail and their ability to bring work to a conclusion.


melissa said...

What beautiful work! I love how you note the improved cursive. It's amazing how this creative work that many would tragically write off as unimportant, makes such a huge difference for the children in other areas. Thank you for sharing their handiwork - I just love the pillows!

Sheila said...

That is so interesting hearing that connection between handwork and cursive writing. Thank you for sharing this wisdom! In an age where cursive is so neglected in many public schools, it is encouraging that Montessori still values it.

Gio and Janice said...

These handcrafts are not only great in the moment - for cursive, for concentration as well as for their own sake, but they are treasures many, many years later. I still have some of the sewing my now 40 year old (yikes!) daughter made when she was in Primary back in the 70s. Thanks.

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