Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Observing in the Classroom

A four year old skips past the bells

I recently had the opportunity to sit and observe in my new classroom as it is where the summer school program is being held. I took some photos and want to share them with you, but first let me tell you how I felt that first day when I entered the room.

I came into the empty classroom slowly and quietly. I must confess it was quite an emotional moment. Perhaps I should use the word spiritual instead as it felt like I was entering a sacred space - a place where children find their school day home. The classroom has a warmth to it that embraces you as you first enter.

Here are a few photos of the classroom, children working and some materials. Just outside my classroom via a door is the school garden. When standing in the garden you can see both the masts of boats at the pier and the white cap of nearby mountains:

The classroom is composed of two large areas with the sink in-between.

A child used the scrambled egg tray to crack, beat and pour her egg onto the skillet.

The finished scrambled egg that she ate with a huge smile.

Looking out the classroom window at the garden just outside.

Each of these four spoons has a small shell on it. They are to be used with walking on the line exercises.

Everyday the children bake bread. These two loaves are just out of the oven.

More photos to come. I am suddenly quite hungry for some scrambled eggs and toasted homemade bread. It's all good actually!


Stephanie said...

So beautiful! I cant wait to see more pictures! It looks like an amazing place to learn!

harvy38/luclucy44 said...

Best of luck there, Susan! Isn't it amazing how wherever you go in our vast world, there are Montessori environments that are familiar and yet reflect that looks so peaceful there!

Warm wishes for much happiness, and I look forward to following your adventures,
Susan from Child's Way in NJ