Monday, August 24, 2009

A Return To Posting

I can hardly believe I am typing a post. Each time I attempted to return to my blog and continue writing, I became overwhelmed with emotion. I would look at the pictures of my former students and simply weep. I have been grieving. My heart has been aching.

Over the summer, I received packages from fellow Montessorians that remained on my desk unopened until today. The paintings Kathy sent me, watercolors she did herself, are so stunningly beautiful that I can only encourage you to check them out yourself at her blog:

She was enormously generous and I can only apologize for not acknowledging her gift earlier. Her work would look wonderful in the entryway of any Montessori school, classroom or home. Kathy is extremely talented.

Although I have been on-leave from my Montessori blog, I have been piecing together the upcoming year. I have been accepted as a substitute teacher for both Primary and Elementary classrooms in two large (toddler - to 6th grade) schools in the Boston area. They have promised to keep me busy for most of the school year. I have also been accepted into an adult yoga teacher training (200 hrs.) which starts the first week of September and runs for ten weeks - classes are on Friday evenings and all day Saturday and Sunday. I have taught yoga to children for more than a decade and just concluded an eight week summer program. I have decided to take the adult training as a means of making a deeper commitment to my yoga practice.

For several years, I have wanted to learn French. I just had my sixth lesson from a wonderful young woman who is a graduate student studying film. She is a native speaker and has added some delightful phrases ("Susan, this is how my grandmother would say it...") to our weekly lessons.

Finally, the Montessori Foundation has asked that I consider writing for both their Tomorrow's Child and Montessori Leadership Magazines. I was recently surprised by the invitation when I opened an email titled "Blog and Pictures." The foundation's South Africa editor said she came across my blog while doing research for an art curriculum. I am incredibly flattered and look forward to working with them.

Now that I have set aside the tissues, I have many, many posts to write. Thank you for hanging in there. I see the upcoming school year as one filled with new opportunities. I am sure I will keep all of you posted.


Tess said...

Hugely chuffed to see you back! I'm silently supporting your healing from that truma, hope you feel back on top of the world soon :)

pattyannie said...

So glad that you are back with us. I am glad that you will still be able to work in a school setting. I look forward to reading your articles in Tomorrow's Child.

thesecretofchildhood said...

Susan, I passed on your blog details to Sharon and Tim at the Montessori Foundation, after sharing your wonderful series on teaching children to draw with some Montessori teachers at the annual Montessori Australia Foundation conference. I have found your blog so helpful and insightful that I couldn't help but pass on your address to all the teachers who wanted some inspiration in the Montessori approach to art.
Great to have you back.

Susan Y. Dyer said...

Thank you so much. I am again flattered.

Susan Dyer

Montessori Mama said...

Dear Susan,
I'm your biggest fan, so of course I am happy you are back to blogging.
And I too look forward to reading your articles in Tomorrow's child. You should be flattered but also PROUD, you are being recognized for your brilliance and talent. Congrats!
Way to go.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to read about all your experiences. I've already found your blog extremely insightful! So glad you're back!