Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Baric Materials Are Finished and In Use

Today, I was the student and Zoe was the presenter. I found pairing her Baric containers difficult to match. The variance between one pair and another is subtle, but established. I paired two of the sets correctly and was incorrect in pairing the other two. Then Cristina, my afternoon assistant, tried. She found it challenging also. See below:

Only three of seven children who used the materials matched all of the pairs correctly. Zoe, working with Kai, even put colored stickers (they colored and cut them out) on the bottom of the containers. There are four sets with four different colored stickers. These stickers are used as the control of error for the work.

Zoe also tried pairing her own materials. She had to really concentrate and then she successfully paired all four sets.

The material is now on a tray in the Sensorial area of the classroom.

Love it!

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