Thursday, March 12, 2009

What kind of paint do you use?

Here is the answer to the big question: what kind of paint do I use?

Colorations Liquid Watercolors by Discount School Supply


Hannah said...

Thanks for all the posts you have put up. I really enjoy reading them, and have gotten a lot of ideas to use in my own classroom.

Can I ask where you received your Montessori training? And what is your opinion of the two different schools of Montessori? I forget the exact titles, but I know one is AMS? Is one more strict on the use of materials, and one more creative? I would really appreciate hearing your response, as I am really interested in pursuing training. Thanks!

Susan Y. Dyer said...

I am AMI trained and was trained in 1998 at the Minnesota Montessori Training Center in St. Paul. My trainer Mrs. Fernando was trained by Maria Montessori herself.

I also had Molly O'Shaunessy as a trainer. They were co-trainers for one year only.

I think that AMI is more theory based and limits use of paper work in regards to hand out sheets etc. But I believe that both trainings provide a foundation for a house we slowly build ourselves through continual research, training and study of the method.

As we become familiar with the materials after years of our own hands touching and using them their secrets are revealed to us. Here lies a vast treasure of extensions. To think that sink and float, magnetic and non-magnetic were the only science materials to be used would be to underestimate our own abilities to find and supply new and exciting ways for children to use their senses to explore the world around them.

Mrs. Fernando told me that taking my training certified me to teach but that it would take three years of teaching for me to become an AMI Directress. It has been eleven and I am still working on it.

Also, sometimes you take the training geographically available to you whether it be AMI or AMS. Then dedicate your life to exploring the method yourself in the company of twenty or more young minds.


Susan Dyer
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Hannah said...