Monday, March 23, 2009

We especially need imagination in science. It is not all mathematics, nor all logic, but it is somewhat beauty and poetry.
– Maria Montessori


melissa joanne said...


I love your blog.

Susan Y. Dyer said...

Thanks Melissa,

I need that...

Susan Dyer
The Moveable Alphabet

Montessori teacher said...

Hello there. I love this! I'm a montessori teacher in OK. April is our art month. Prac. life gets turned into an atellier. We just did the straw painting lesson. Keep up the good work and have a great weekend.
Cheryl P.

jennifer said...

I am fascinated by the interplay between the different curricular areas and how they all build upon one another to provide a strong foundation for the child to buid creatively upon. You are gifted at identifying opportunities for this and your creative use of the traditional materials is inspiring. I so look forwards to reading your blog, Thanks, jenni (UK) x

Susan Y. Dyer said...

Okay...I am blushing now...Thanks for such positive feedback. My heart leaps.

Susan Dyer
The Moveable Alphabet