Monday, March 30, 2009

Parent Night Gifts Almost Done - Handmade Journals

Today we had a wonderful time putting together the homemade journals that are going to be given as gifts from the children to their parents on Parent Night. First, each child spent a few minutes deciding which of the two marbleized papers they made with shaving cream and watercolors to use for the front of their journal.

Next, I made a sample image of each rubber stamp so that the children could select the one that they wanted to use. And then we got down to business...

First the children stamped their covers. Here a child is putting even pressure on her stamp to make sure that the image is clearly printed:

Next, the same child uses the double hole-puncher on her journal (I gave each child six pieces of blank paper to put between their covers):

Here is a second picture of the hole puncher about to be used:

I will post a few pictures tomorrow of children positioning a rubber band between the two holes and securing the coffee stir stick in place. This is the journal's simple binding. Check tomorrow for the updated version of this post.

The finished journals ready to be wrapped:

I think these make lovely handmade gifts. And as an added attraction, the journals smell of shaving cream. For me, the scent brings back wonderful childhood memories of my own father.


Susanne said...

Beautiful and useful gifts for the parents night. I am eager to try your shaving cream/paint work. Our parent gift this year was home made orange marmalade along with framed self portraits. What will you do on the parent night?

Susan Y. Dyer said...

Susanne - that marmalade sounds great. I would love to know how you made it with your students. On parent night the children present work to their parents while they visit the classroom. It is really cool. Would love to see photos of the marmalade work - email me at

Take care,

Susan Dyer
The Moveable Alphabet

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful, Susan. thanks for sharing so many ideas, with such clear directions.