Monday, February 9, 2009

Skip Counting with Coins

This is a mostly visual post as the how-to-do's are pretty obvious. I must say though that even my oldest kindergarten children were surprised to see that ten tens (dimes) equaled a dollar. They had no problem reciting "Ten tens is one hundred," but when I said that one hundred pennies or ten dimes was equal or could be exchanged for a dollar they looked somewhat surprised. So here are the photos:

The way I presented it was first with the chains, the labels and the coins. Then I removed the chain.

Waiting for the Coin Bank Game, Zoe and Meaghan got the Coin Memorization work out. It has not been touched in months. Yeah! One child lays out the coins in a certain order. The second child studies the order for a few minutes before the first child covers the coins with a cloth. Now the second child, using a matching set of coins, has to repeat the order from memory. After the second child has placed their coins in the order that they believe is correct, the first child uncovers hers and checks to see if the second child is right.

In the first photo, you see that the first child has laid out the coins in a certain order and the second child is studying them. Unfortunately, the second child did not order them correctly as you can see they do not match. She tried again and got it the second time.

Keeping score is optional. Meaghan and Zoe did. If you match the coins perfectly you receive a point. If you did not match the coins the other student receives a point.

I was just so pleased to see the work being used.

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pattyannie said...

My kids have shown such an interest in the bead chains this week. Thanks for this post. It is a great extension of this work.