Saturday, February 28, 2009

How To Teach A Child To Paint - Conclusion

Over the past several months I have given a variety of lessons on how to paint. I presented a lesson on drawing an outline or a quick sketch. I gave one on using a singular brush to create thick and thin brush strokes. For this lesson I used the brown stair. I gave a few lessons on shading. One of the lessons was given with the metal insets and another with color box III. I also presented a lesson on self-portraits which was extended to portraitures by the students themselves.

Many of these were re-presentations of lessons given last year, so some of the students were familiar with them and were using them in their art work already. The re-presentations reinforced these skills and perhaps allowed those students to focus on specific details that they may have forgotten.

I have put together a Flicker slide shows of individual works by four students. The ages of the children are 6, 5 and 4 1/2. They were each reproducing or painting a study of a famous work of art. They were provided several art postcards to choose from and from those they selected one which they wanted to copy (three of them chose Georgia O'Keefe's Shell painting - so watch carefully to see the change from one student to another). Their finished paintings are nothing less than superb.

At the end of the slide show are single slides of an additional painting and a sketch done by two of my students. I remain in awe of their enormous talent.

At the flickr site you may view a slide show of their work. Go to the right of the first large individual photo. There will be a smaller image of the same picture. Near that there is a slide show icon. Click the icon and view the show.

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Lindart said...

Wow, these are amazing! I especially like the last one, she really expanded on the painting! The drawing of the shell is very well done as well, great eye for the little details!