Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fetching and Pairing With The Botany Cabinet

Work with the botany cabinet continues. On Friday, I gave Deborah a lesson on the botany trays. Then, I asked her if she wanted to continue working with the trays. She said that she did so I asked Sam to join us.

On a table, the insets from the botany trays were taken out and scattered. Across the room, on a working rug, the matching cards were placed. Sam pointed to a card and Deborah, using a small tray, went to the table and picked from the insets the one that he had requested.

She returned the inset to Sam and he positioned it over the card.

They worked together well. A few times Sam told Deborah that she had brought the wrong one and to return to the table for the correct one. Deborah willing did that. When all of the insets and cards were matched, Sam and Deborah switched places. Deborah did the pointing and Sam did the fetching and pairing. Again, it was really good work.

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