Sunday, November 30, 2008

Not Too Late To Remember Great Turkey Moments from 2008

As Thanksgiving approached this year, Patti and I discussed creating some new materials. During our discussion and while listening to all of the great ideas that Patti had, I decided to let her run the show. I invited her to put together two different lessons that pertained to actual turkeys. When she had all of her materials prepared and had prepared a lesson plan I asked her to present the materials to me. I was very impressed. I promised to provide her the opportunity to present her materials to the class.

Patti's first lesson was on the different types of turkeys - there are eight. She made a wonderful set of matching cards. During her presentation she gave much information about the bird which was almost made the bird to represent the United States. Eagle vs Turkey. We all know which bird won (Eagle).

Her second presentation, given a few days later, was on turkey feathers and on different ways that they are used: in a headress, to write with and for Big Bird's yellow costume. Actually, we were all surprised to hear that it takes over 4,000 dyed turkey feathers to create one of Big Bird's costumes.

After Patti gave her lesson on feather usage, which she also made illustrated cards of for the children to view, she put out a tray of feathers and some paper and let the children create something themselves. Several feathered crowns were made and a few other works of art. See below:

Great job Patti. The children used the matching cards again and again. Although this holiday has past it will return again next year. Patti's materials will also return to the shelves. Her next big project is creating classification cards for the human heart to be used in February. Hmmm what holiday would those be for...


pattyannie said...

Wow! You have a wonderful assistant! Great works! I am inspired by your beautiful works.

Susan Y. Dyer said...

Patti and Cristina are both future Montessori Directress. I am blessed to have them both.

Susan Dyer