Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Finally Wrote My 100th Post

It took a lot longer to write 100 posts than I would have ever thought. Life can be ever so distracting. I will continue writing posts as often as I can. I am so grateful for the small community that has been built up around "The Moveable Alphabet."

I am also celebrating my workshop proposal's acceptance for the annual Montessori Schools of Massachusetts Conference. My Primary workshop is on "Zero as a Placeholder." I am so excited. The conference is being held the Saturday after next.

Also, I have been hired as a consultant for Child's Way Montessori in New Jersey and will be visiting their school next week. Which brings me to my last bit of news.

While I am AMI trained, I have worked mostly in AMS schools here on the East Coast. So, during the final week of January, I will be at the AMS offices in NYC taking their training for AMS Consultant Certification.

Gosh, what will February bring...


My Child's Diary said...

Hi Susan!
I am so happy for you! It seems like life treats you well! Good for you! Looking forward to your posts (hoping that will be still many of them to come),

Tess said...

Yay you!
Your blog is really fantastic and I check it almost daily. I find your work inspirational. Best Wishes

Lindart said...

I love your blog and check it out every week. You have inspired me more than you will know, especially in Practical Life. Your activities are so beautiful and well thought out! I would be interested to know how your AMS training differs from your AMI training. I am AMI trained as well, but am always fascinated by what AMS teachers are doing, it seems to be quite different from AMI.
Thanks for the blog, keep writing!

Susan Y. Dyer said...

I do think AMS and AMI are very different in certain areas of the classroom esp. Practical Life. AMI - which I follow carefully in the Practical Life area - does not have any non-food items used for pouring, scooping, etc. We never have pom poms or plastic fish or any of that and we never use a turkey baster with a two-sided dog dish to transfer water as it is a misuse of materials. You can pretty much digest everything in practical life and I seperate the polishing work and care of the environment so that there is no eating of polish - hopefully. We continue to make efforts to replace those items with things like limes and salt for copper polishing.

I am a little more flexible in the math area and allow some paper work and some extension materials that my AMS fellow teacher showed me. The goals are the same but now and again I compliment the bead material with non AMI materials.

I guess I rely on some internal sense of discernment. Now and again, I put something out that is not in my AMI albums and soon remove it as I come to see it is not needed. Process...a continual process.

I also know that I know the materials much more intimately after using them for more than ten years - I see their purpose as more complex and see their overlaping relationships in ways which sometimes startle me with their continuity of form, color, and purpose. Cristina and I talk about this a lot. Each material has so much more to teach me.
Well, enough going on.

Thanks for the well wishes and compliments Lindart.

Susan Dyer