Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Using An Art Pallet To Mix Colors

The primary color mixing materials are in an almost constant state of use in my classroom. The three and four year olds seem to never tire of seeing blue and yellow make green, and yellow and red make orange, etc.

A couple of weeks ago, I gave a lesson on the parts of a paintbrush and followed it immediately with a lesson on how to clean a paintbrush. (Next post) I also gave an introductory lesson on how to use an art pallet to combine primary colors. The word "pallet" sounds so good when three and four year olds say it. The results have been a complete success. I will add a fourth color after Thanksgiving. Here are some photos of the children at work:

Note the jar with soapy water. Earlier, the student put a few drops of dish soap in the jar. They next used the pitcher to pour water in to make suds. The heads of the dirty paintbrushes are placed in the sudsy water to soak before being cleaned.

The work above and below was done by second year, four year old students. The painting above has a blue river running across it. The door is purple, although hard to see in the photo. Also, the flowers are outlined in a shade of green. The picture below shows wonderful use of both the primary and secondary colors.


The work below was done by a first year, three year old. He looks so serious. He worked on his painting for more than half an hour. Wow!

Above: Note that the young painter limited the use of most of the paint to the paper and not to the table - well not much. It is really a masterpiece!


kelli said...

i absolutely love your blog! i receive lots of inspiration from your ideas and photos. the color mixing setup is fantastic! are those pre-drilled holes in the wooden tray? where can i find something like that?!

Susan Y. Dyer said...

Do you mean the tray for color mixing - I think AppleSeed or Montessori Materials has that material.

Thanks for posting.

Susan Dyer
The Moveable Alphabet

Professional Mommy said...

I have an award for you over at my blog...

R2K said...
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MontanaMontessorian said...

I am curious about how you distribute your paint. Is there a certain amount in the jars in the morning to be used for the whole day? Do the children dispense it themselves? Are there limits? Thanks so much!

Susan Y. Dyer said...

The baby food jars are filled about half way. To be truthful we have never had more than two or three children use it in the morning as generally a child takes a long time working with this material like 40 minutes or more. So refilling them generally occurs during lunch break and setting up for the afternoon or the next day by one of my assistants. If it did run out I am sure that they would refill them themselves as we keep squeeze bottles used for refilling (actually they are recycled dish soap bottles)paint in the classroom cupboard.

Susan Dyer
The Moveable Alphabet