Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Seasonal Activities for the Month of October

Two fall activities were presented this week. The first was seed/bean mosaics. The second was decorating a pumpkin. The mosaic work is always a big hit. Several wonderful pieces have already been created by the students. The images below will probably look pretty familiar as many teachers have this work available in their classrooms. I used shapes from both the botany and the geometry cabinet. I really thought the one with the botany cabinet design came out beautifully. See for yourself:

The second lesson was on decorating a pumpkin. As I was inheriting this work from another teacher and unsure as how it was presented, I asked Cristina to present it to the children and to me. A single pumpkin is made available for children to use one at a time. Watercolor markers are used to decorate the pumpkin. When they are finished decorating the pumpkin, they take a water-wet paintbrush and wash away the markings. They then dry the pumpkin and prepare it for the next child's use. This has become a very popular work in the classroom and Cristina did a great job presenting it.

In the pictures above, Cristina uses a marker (not seen in photo) to decorate the pumpkin and then she shows the children the face she drew. Next, she uses a paintbrush dipped in water to wash aways the markings. Lastly, she uses a orange cloth to dry the pumpkin. A sponge is also made available for wiping the placemat.

I love walking by the children as they do this work and seeing the wide variety of faces drawn and then washed away.

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Beverly said...

I like the template idea for the seeds. Otherwise, that would be too hard for my little ones. I have lots of seeds, so we'll give it a try!