Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Moment of Sensorial Discovery by a Four Year Old

I was presenting a lesson on the number rods and cards to a child near another child working on a rug near my own. I suddenly noticed this second child doing something that I had never seen before. I made eye contact with Patti who came over and said that she had read about this extension but had never seen it. Next, it caught the eye of the head of my school who was walking by.

The child whom I am speaking of has made many brown stairs from acorns during outside play. She lines them up on one of the picnic tables in order of largeness. She creates lakes and islands, mountains and roads from piles of gravel, small sticks and leaves.

Yesterday, I watched as she placed one knobless cylinder into the hole of a matching cylinder block. She felt the top of the knobless cylinder and then said, "too tall." She then removed the knobless cylinder and placed it in the matching opening. In the end she had filled all of the cylinder block openings with the knobless cylinders. She then ran her hand over the top of the block experiencing its smooth surface. When she was done, she carefully turned the cylinder block on its side and emptied out the knobless cylinders.

Her "discovery" caught the idea of many of the other children. I will have to wait to see if others do this same work next week.

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