Saturday, October 18, 2008

"I Need a Bird for the Birdhouse." she said.

I have enjoyed watching the children build small projects. The most recent was the assemblage of a bird house. I have discovered that Patti is amazing at assisting children in bringing a wood working project to completion. This was the case with the bird house. I was so impressed when I listened to her ask the child making the house to run her finger over two parts placed back to back to determine which one was slightly larger than the other. What Patti is great at is assisting the child rather than simply fixing any construction issues by doing it herself.

It was the child, however, that did the work and she did a wonderful job of sanding, painting and assembling the bird house. When she was done painting the front, she looked at me and said, "I need a bird for the birdhouse." So she drew one on the back solving that problem. Later, I hope I hear reports or even see photographs of real birds visiting it.

When the birdhouse was completed, I redirected her to the "Part of the Bird" booklet that she had had a lesson on the year before. As I have already seen, children who work on large manual work projects return to the math and writing materials with more focus and more detailed work.

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Teresa said...

Super posts, I really enjoy studying what your class are up to. I'm a uni student in the UK and I love reading your blog. Keep these wonderful posts coming