Monday, September 8, 2008

The Room is Ready for the New School Year

It took just under a week to set up the classroom. I made a few changes here and there and am pleased with how it looks. There is a new rug in the language area that I pulled out of my hall closet where I had it stored for several years. I added some art materials to the shelves and some new science work.

The library was changed the most. I did not put out the large pillows as I did last year. I replaced them with a simple rocking chair. On the wall, I hung a few portraits I had found at the thrift over the summer. I fell in love with them and wanted to use them in the classroom. I decided that they invite questions as to who they are and who they may be to each other. They invite stories to be told and written about them. I hope the children do that. I will add to the collection as I find more images. Tomorrow, I am adding a photo of my own father when he was young. I won't tell the children who he is unless they ask.

The last photo is of me. I am happy to be back.


Jan said...

Susan your room looks so inviting... I'm happy to see you back. I understand you had an extremely difficult summer, I've been there also, just about as intense as yours was... It does get easier, just remember they are always in you heart, loving you forever.

Susan Y. Dyer said...

Thank you Jan for such kind words. I hope you are doing well yourself.

Susan Dyer

N from the Learning Ark said...

You class is lovely and your new posts are great. I hope all gets better for you and hopefully your coming months will be much better. Thanks for sharing your great work!

Alice Gunther said...

Your classroom looks great. Best wishes for the new school year!

Meredith said...

It's delightful, have the best year!!