Monday, June 9, 2008

The Last Day of School 2008

We had early dismissal at noon on the last day of school. Other than that it was a work day like every other day - well for the first two hours at least. The last hour was fun and more fun. That means that there were popsicles for all! And then, in a dime spin, it was over.


But before the farewells were said we did work. One of my annual end of the year rituals is to bring in old alarm clocks, telephones and vcrs (the head of our school donated this year's) and turn them over to the awaiting hands of the graduating older students. They immediately dismantle and take them apart (with a little help from me). The two older boys were stunned to find a magnet in the telephone. The girls quickly had the front of the vcr off and were taking pieces out of it left and right. They were passionate in their actions and never once lost interest in what they were doing. They only left their work when they needed more screwdrivers, or tape or whatever else that they decided they would use to reconstruct what may only be referred to as their art.

The boys were given the front piece of the vcr and soon I noted that the clear cover of a clock was taped over part of it. A telephone wire draped here and there. I warned the other adults not to ask too many questions regarding these constructions. I felt that if we asked too many questions that the students did not presently have answers for that we might risk dis-enchanting them from their own work. Ultimately, the students might have abandoned the work due to their inability to define it in adult terms. "Let the work speak for itself," the head of my school was overheard saying. Here are a few photographs:

As they began taking apart various items, they recorded their findings.


Also, the buttons were counted for various sensorial materials and a bar graph of the totals was completed:


Ohhhhh, and did I mention the poodle skirts!!! A few parents sewed the skirts below, one for each of the graduating kindergarten girls. The theme for this years recital was the 1950's. Graduation took place the day after the last day of classes. I will include a few pictures in my next post.

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