Monday, June 9, 2008

Graduation 2008 and Packing Up the Classroom

Graduation 2008: It rained all morning. The children arrived 45 minutes early and we did what we could to entertain them while they sat in their 1950's costumes. The boys had their blue jeans rolled up and their hair greased back. The girls wore sneakers and poodles skirts. Their hair was pulled back into pony tails. Then the moment came and we all went upstairs. The students seated themselves in their designated places on the stage while their teachers sat nearby. The music started and so did the singing and dancing. Suddenly, a boy raised his handed and politely said he had to use the bathroom. Quietly he left the stage with his teacher. The music teacher stopped the performance and played music until he returned. It started again exactly were it had stopped.

After several songs and dances, the diplomas were handed to each child and our head of school read a lovely poem that he had written about the 2007-2008 school year. Tears ran down cheeks. Mascara smudged. Sniffles were heard. Then everyone had cake and off they went; out into the rain and on with the rest of their lives. Many of the children had attended our school for four years (we do not have an elementary program). It's been lovely!!!
That was last Friday. On Monday my assistants and I began cleaning the room and packing materials away till September. The room was dismantled almost as fast as the vcr was on the last day of school. See below:

Above: Here I am filling the cupboards with practical life and science materials.

Me, wondering what material this pitcher went with.



I intend to continue posting all summer long as I am taking a science seminar and I have so many photos that I simply have not had time to write posts about. I am also running a summer book club with several school parents. We are reading a Montessori classic. I will post more soon and I will be sharing theirs and my insights after each meeting. So keep reading and leaving your comments. I can't began to express how much your feedback has meant to me.

Thank you!!!


NJ Tracy Jean said...

I have so enjoyed your blog after discovering it last winter. And thank you because I have used several of your ideas ( look forward to graphing work used next year). Let me just share the comments of a parent re: the pickle work. "Thanks for the visit. We have viewed several other preschools. It seems they try to do things to impress parents, but your school is truly kid focused. The children are constantly learning through your creative work stations. What clinched it for me was the pickle. Nobody else has something like that.They can learn so much from such a simple activity. We look forward to next year." So thanks for letting me "ride your wave". Have a great summer. I'm still reorganizing myself in the classroom.

Susan Y. Dyer said...

I will be posting all summer so stay tuned for the next post and the next and the one after that.


Susan Dyer
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