Thursday, April 24, 2008

Practical Life Reviews - How to Sew a Pillow and Sock Rolling

How to Sew a Pillow

Above: Sewing a pillow work on the shelf with the basket of fluff - stuffing - to the right of it.

Materials on the tray include two identical sized pieces of fabric (large enough to make a small pillow). A small basket holding spools of thread. A small wooden box with lid that holds a needle. Two small clothespins. A pincushion - I made the one shown here. A pair of children's scissors.

Above: The child uses the two small clothespins to hold the two pieces of fabric together eliminating the use of pins. He has the darker sides of the fabric on the inside and the lighter (under) sides of the fabric facing out.

The child in the photograph below has threaded the needle and is stitching the two pieces of fabric together following closely to the edge of the fabric. The running stitch is used for this work. After several stitches, he removes one of the clothespins (and later the second) as it is no longer needed.

Running stitch.


At a point where there is just about an inch of un-sewn fabric, the child turns the pillow inside out so that the right side faces out. He then uses two fingers to stuff the pillow. I love seeing his sandpaper letter finger positioning in the photograph above.

Now, he simply stitches the small opening closed, ties off his thread, snips it and he is done.

What a nice pillow he made for his Dad.


Sock Rolling

On the left is the sock basket. A child has taken out a pair of socks (pairing socks is also a first step to the work and is sometimes the only part done during an initial presentation with a very young child) and placed them on the table so as one sock is slightly above the other.

The child places the sock that is slightly lower on the table on top of the other, again slightly lower than the other. She uses her fingers to hold the socks in place. Next she grabs the rim of the under sock on both sides with both her hands. She uses her thumbs to push the top (lower)sock up into the under sock. Simultaneously, her fingers pull the rim of the under sock down over the body of both socks.

She continues until the socks are pretty well balled together.

Done! Three year olds love this work and so do their parents, as it is great work to do at home helping with the laundry.

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