Saturday, April 19, 2008

Photographic Album #4

Here is the fourth "page" in the photographic album capturing a sampling of the work done by the children last week.

A parent started the week with a lesson on yarn winding with an umbrella swift.

Towards the end of the week a grandparent gave a lesson on Passover and brought the ingredients for the children to make haroseth: apples (which the children cut), raisins, cranberries, cinnamon, honey and grape juice. It was delicious.

My afternoon class used cupcake papers to make flowers. I loved seeing the variety of vases made and the detailing on the leaves.

A child's number scroll approached 1000. He passed it and continued on.

I was delighted to see one of my oldest students trace the shapes from the botany and geometry cabinets and then start filling them in. This work is an ongoing project for her. By the end of the week she was about three quarters done. She does put it away now and then to do other work such as math and language. It is really amazing to see her fill in the shapes with objects ranging from an apple to a sea shell.


Two boys continued making geometric solids from paper. First they used the plastic hemisphere used for map making to create large circles on easel paper. Next, they illustrated the circles and cut a flower like shape with several petals from the paper.

This is how the worked looked before it was carefully folded into a sphere.

A second student worked across from the first.

This is the sphere the second student made. They are getting more exact.


One morning this week my assistant Jill and I simply put out white paper and allowed the children to illustrate a couple of sheets each. The above is one example of student art work.

Another child drew the continent map from memory alone.

What began as a sketch of a rocket ship taking off for the moon from the Earth became a small chapbook on the solar system. To do the work the child used the solar system classification materials. He had never used this work before but his art showed he was interested so I made it available to him.

He spent most of the morning working on his solar system book. He was so pleased to take it home and show his parents.

A group lesson on the parts of a leaf left captivated one student. She finished all of the work in one sitting. What a grin she had on her face when she finished it!


And there were lessons given on the multiplication board and the division board. Children made a variety of languge booklets and sooooo much more! On top of all of that my assistant Jill wrapped the gifts children made for our first Parent Night that was held Thursday night. It was a pretty busy week. We have a week off now for Spring Break. Happy Spring!

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