Sunday, April 13, 2008

Photographic Album #3

This is the third "page" of the album representing a small sampling of work done by the children last week:

A child was given a lesson on addition with the stamp game.

Another was given a lesson with the substraction finger boards.

Two lessons were re-presented as they were first presented in October.

Above: Sock pairing and rolling. Below: Leaf washing.


A child used the brown stair and the red rods for sensorial exploration.

Sunlight accompanied a child as she slowly moved her fingers over each of the brown prisms.

A child carefully illustrated her animals of Africa booklet.
The above Zen-like image hung from the art drying rack on Friday. It is the incomplete painting of the two hemispheres. This work is done before the placement of the continents.

A child looking at a dried stem of bamboo asked, "Did Maria Montessori get her idea to make the number rods from looking at bamboo?" He then said, "You can see on the bamboo the same sized sections. That is just like the number rods." He then went to the snack table to share his"discovery" with some of his classmates. Hmmm...again a child has left me with much to wonder. Another great week!

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