Monday, March 31, 2008

Classroom Snapshots

Here are just a few highlights from the week. I am thinking of making this an ongoing item - weekly photos of the classroom and the children (although faceless for their privacy). The four snapshots from last week follow:

A child has pinned the Play-doh Prep badge/pin I made designating her
as the maker of the clay for the day.

One of the parents from another classroom does repairs for the school. When my two chowkis needed fixing he took them and returned with these. Everyone was impressed by his creative solution to my worn out table tops - large cutting boards which he attached the original legs to.

A child brought in his plain birthday cupcakes to celebrate his fourth birthday with his classmates/friends. He spent a good part of the morning dusting them with confectionery sugar. He skillfully placed a variety of patterns over his chocolate treats. Several children observing his work spontaneously clapped when he finished. It was a delightful moment.

My oldest student brought in the vase of lilies which currently decorates the peace table. His reason for bringing in the flowers was twofold: 1. A lovely gift to the classroom. 2. He wants to know what the large, brown tube-like parts of the flower near its center are named: the anther. Today, he will dissect one of the flowers and match the classification cards with the parts of the flower.

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