Thursday, February 7, 2008

Let the Confectionery Sugar Fall - What Bliss!

As promised, the confectionery sugar dusting had a second presentation which extended the work. Now the children are provided with two wafer-thin, plain gingerbread cookies to dust with confectionery sugar so as to perfect their bakery skills. Additionally, there were stencils added to the work. One of these I cut from a paper plate, the others belong to my assistant Jill. The metal discs are from her Spritz cookie maker. They worked wonderfully. The children have declared their love for this work. Those who have not yet celebrated their birthday now talk about being excited to decorate their cupcakes at school with the confectionery sugar tray. I am so pleased with the success of this work.

To view a slide show of this work go to the below and
click confectionery sugar dusting set

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Beverly said...

From preschooler to pastry chef, this works for all, doesn't it?