Saturday, February 9, 2008

Presentations on Lake and Island: Lesson 1

I presented two new lessons on Lake and Island a few days ago. I had read several posts on the Montessori by Hand yahoo group bulletin board regarding land forms. There were two ideas that I really liked. The first was having a child trace a simple stencil onto brown construction paper. By cutting out the stenciled shape, the child makes both the lake and the island. The child then glues the lake and island cut-outs onto two separate pieces of blue paper - I used the blue paper in my metal inset box which is cut 5 1/2 " X 5 1/2" which is what I cut the brown construction paper to. The first child to do the work was very successful. After he glued each piece down, he began to draw several, small oval shapes inside the area of the blue lake. I asked what he was drawing and he answered very authoritatively, "The fish." It reminded me of a story I read about Maria Montessori observing a child coloring her drawing of a cow purple. Puzzled, she asked the child why she was making the cow purple. The child answered, "Because God forgot to make purple cows." Well, then, that makes sense and so does adding fish to a lake. Maria Montessori wrote, "Never underestimate the creative intelligence of children."

Paper Cutting Lake and Island

Note the school of fish in the last photograph.


Maria said...

I enjoy reading about your creative ideas and presentations,

Regards from Gothenburg


Bridget said...

I just did this presentation with my 5 year old daughter. She ate it up! Making a booklet is definitely a hook for her. Thanks for the great write-up.